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The magazine RINKO, first published in May,1975, is the first Nishikigoi journal in the world. We offer various fields of information concerning Nishikigoi. RINKO is a networking site created for Nishikigoi fanciers. Almost all of the important articles from the Japanese edition of RINKO magazine are covered in digest form.

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Contetns of RINKO 2014

RINKO620 #620(2014/12/15)
Okayama Momotaro-koi's 1st Dealers Auction of the Season / Sale and Auction at Sakai Fish Farm / Dainichi's 1st auction in this season -- This marks in-season of auction in Niigata / Miyuki Miyoshi Travels in Saudi Arabia -- City by the sea, Jeddah (Last volume) / The 9th Yomogihira Young Koi Show -- Marusho Yorien-bred Taisho Sanshoku wins / The 61st Nagaoka Nishikigoi Show -- Nogami Kohaku wins two straight victories / My Proud Koi / Tokai Fest, Fall 2014 Autumn

RINKO619 #619(2014/12/01)
The 54th Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show -- Nogami Kohaku wins the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize / Emptying the mud pond of Marudo Koi Farm -- Promising 4, 5 and 6-year-old koi scooped out one after another / The 34th Uonuma City Nishikigoi Show -- Shinji Murata achieves three wins in a row / The 6th Odakan Koi Exhibition -- Nationwide brand-name koi entertain visitors to their heart's content / Yokohama Cup Koi Show 2014 & Nishikigoi Seminar -- An annual koi show full of events!

RINKO618 #618(2014/11/15)
'My Rule' to Enjoy the Koi -- An Interview with members of the Fukuoka Yumebunkai society / Miyuki Miyoshi Travels in Saudi Arabia (First Part) -- The capital of the country, Riyadh / My Proud Koi / The 4th Wakagokai Young Koi Show / The 5th Shikokuchuo Rikokai Koi Show

RINKO617 #617(2014/11/01)
Chuetsu earthquake disaster 10th anniversary of the reconstruction of Chuetsu earthquake -- The 7th Nagaoka-Ojiya Joint Nishikigoi Show / Narita's 2014 Thank-you Party / The 35th BKKS National Koi Show -- photos by Alexander Sanchez and Ricky Stoddart text by Steve Gibbins / What one likes, one will do well. -- Affection towards koi helps extend knowledge of koi / The 10th Toyama Young Koi Show

RINKO616 #616(2014/10/15)
A range of Ueno Showa, from dignified to refreshing -- Ueno Fish Farm / Appreciation of Kohaku's pattern (1) -- Nothing is more desirable than Maruten Sandan / My Proud Koi / The 28th Hong Koung Koi Show

RINKO615 #615(2014/10/01)
A busy man snatches some moments of leisure when he can Tadashi Nakanishi ~I feel the most blessed when I am viewing my koi -- (Hiroshima Prefecture) / Natsu Okage (Summer Thanks) Sale -- Narita Koi Farms Japan / Flash News of Spawning (part 3) / Zennihon Airikai Ehime Toyo the 11th Young Koi Show / ZNA Yamaguchi Nagato the 31st Young Koi Show / ZNA Yamaguchi Suo the 40th Young Koi Show

RINKO614 #614(2014/09/15)
A Visit to Dealers -- Sakura Nishikigoi of Shizuoka / Useful advice on selecting young koi by Kazuki Yamamoto, managing director of Narita Koi Farms Japan / The Koizumi Cup Koi Show -- Isa Showa, entered by Mr. Tsubura Mogi, wins! / My Proud Koi / The 11th Spring Nishikigoi Festival / ZNA Yamaguchi the 45th Koi Show / The 6th Kyurinkai Minamikyushu District Young Koi Show

RINKO613 #613(2014/09/01)
Okawa Nishikigoi Center -- Solidarity among family members grows Okawa's koi favorably / Oishi Fish Farm -- "We've got great pleasure from "Yari-no-Kohaku" which we had almost given up on spawning this year!" / Rikohen -- "I always try to recall the words of the late Mr. Mano" / Watanabe Fish Farm -- "Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven," yet we become all the more eager to do a task with more challenge / Flash News of Spawning -- part 2 / The 15th Ooedo Koi Show / Kumamoto Nishikigoi Breeders Assoc. the 40th Koi Show / The 21st Nishikigoi Shinyukai Koi Show

RINKO612 #612(2014/08/15)
A Visit to Koi Fanciers -- An interview with Koichi Ikezaki of Toyama Prefecture -- Ways of enjoying koi for future generations / Beauty of Japan -- Nishikigoi in Japanese scenery -- Sakuraya-Yama-no-ie "Shizukawa" / The 2nd Koikichi Club Young Koi Show -- Mr. Tsutomu Arai's "Masai Sanke" wins the title / My Proud Koi / The 8th Hiroshima Young Koi Show / Kyurinkai Fukuoka Chikuhobunkai the 6th Koi Show

RINKO611 #611(2014/08/01)
Oya Koi Farm (Niigata) -- Koi farmers and koi interweave with each other to create a story of life / Flash News of Spawning / The 22nd Kyushu District Koi Show / The 11th Kumamoto Higorinkai Young Koi Show / The 2nd International Junior Koi Show -- Best Koi Gallery

RINKO610 #610(2014/07/15)
Groping for charms of Nishikigoi from a different point of view -- Yasuhiko Asada (Osaka) / A Bridge between People and Koi -- Nishikigoi-no-sato / "Dream Koi" -- The 31st All Japan Young Koi Show / Koi and Pond -- Shinchi Garden in Yasukuni Shrine / My Proud Koi / Nishikigoi Shuminokai the 9th Koi Show / ZNA Nagasaki the 32nd Koi Show / Oita Hokubu Nishikigoi Aikokai Godo the 5th Koi Show

RINKO609 #609(2014/07/01)
The 2nd International Junior Koi Show / Token of Appreciation -- Thirty Nishikigoi sent to Suginami-ku,Tokyo from Ojiya City / Narita Koi Farm's condensed event -- The finest Tosai of Sakai, Okawa, Ueno and Matsue assemble at Narita Koi Farms! / Spring Sale! -- by "Echigo Nine Breeders"

RINKO608 #608(2014/06/15)
The 31st All Japan Young Koi Show (Part II) / The 24th Nagano Young Koi Show / My Proud Koi / Sticking to raising ideal koi -- Taiyo Group Fishland / Activating agent for nursery ponds -- The Power of 'Marine X' -- The outcome seen at breeding spots in Ueno Fish Farm / Visit to Koi Aficionados -- "I never dreamed of going crazy about koi!" -- Mr. Mitsuo Kuramochi

RINKO607 #607(2014/06/01)
The 2nd International Junior Koi Show -- Mr. Hendrawan Sudarpo's Migita Sanke wins / Momotaro-Koi -- The 5th Koi Auction for Traders & Victory Celebration / The 6th Dainichi Auction -- Bidders get excited at choice Tosai and Nisai koi / The 11th Odakan Cup Show & Display and Sale -- Michael Yip wins the cup with his Maruyama Kohaku / The 31st All Japan Young Koi Show (Part I) / 2014 Oedo Nishikigoi Festival -- Hideo Suzuki's Hirasawa Kohaku wins!

RINKO606 #606(2014/05/15)
The 8th Hiroshima Young Koi Show -- Tadashi Nakanishi wins with his Sakai Sanke / Omosako Koi Farm holds its first display and sale -- "Festival of Sumi" / About Hikarimono for beginners -- HIKARIMONO -- Profiles of new diversified stars / My Proud Koi / The 48th Fukui Koi Show / The 9th Kyurinkai Kumamoto Koi Show / The 8th Kyurinkai Fukuoka Koi Show

RINKO605 #605(2014/05/01)
The 31st All Japan Young Koi Show -- Mr. Zhi Cheng Pan's Sakai Kohaku win's the title / The 14th Niigata Nishikigoi Auction / The 22nd Kyushu District Koi Show -- Kohaku owned by Kiyoshi Maekawa wins / The 41st Kanto Koshin District Koi Show / 2014 Nishikigoi of The World The 45th All Japan Koi Show -- Yume Koi Ten

RINKO604 #604(2014/04/15)
Small-sized koi can still guide you to the profound way of koi -- Oishi Fish Farm in Hiroshima / Niigata a special and precious place to me -- German Koi Dealer -- Mr. Jurgen Wazian of Koinet / A vist to the pond -- At Yoshinobu Minagawa's garden in Fukuoka Prefecture / My Proud Koi / The 10th Kumamoto Higorinkai Koi Show / The 32nd Nishikigoi Fair

RINKO603 #603(2014/04/01)
The 45th All Japan Koi Show / Okayama Momotaro-Koi -- Auction for koi dealers

RINKO602 #602(2014/03/15)
Maruchiku Koi Farm's new indoor pond / An Interview with Kenji Hijikata -- The arrival of a long-wait breeding pond swells my hopes / My Proud Koi / The 8th Kyurinkai Kyushu District Koi Show / Kansai District Koi Show 2013

RINKO601 #601(2014/03/01)
The 45th All Japan Koi Show -- Mr. Joseph Wongfs Momotaro Showa wins the championship / Koi dealer as a happiness deliveryman -- O-mo-te-na-shi, selfless hospitality in the style of Yasuharu Otani / The 14th Hokuriku District Koi Show / The 10th Kyurinkai Oita Koi Show

RINKO600 #600(2014/02/15)
The 38th Tokai District Koi Show / Dainichi OB-Kai 2013 -- Breeding duo of Mr. Nuttawut and Dainichi Koi Farm wins the 3rd WDC / Toyohiro Hayashifs Ask-Any-Question Room of, by, and for Nishikigoi lovers / My Proud Koi / The 33rd Uonuma City Koi Show / The 47th JA Echigo Ojiya Koi Show

RINKO599 #599(2014/02/01)
The 49th ZNA International Koi Show / Yumeten Exhibition / The 41st Kanto Koshinetsu District Koi Show -- Takao Morijiri's Sakai Sanke wins / The 5th Super Breeders' Auction in Narita Koi Farms / Kansai District Koi Show 2013 -- Hidenori Nakamoto's "Momotaro Sanke" wins / The 60th Nagaoka City Koi Show

RINKO598 #598(2014/01/15)
The 50th Hiroshima Nishikigoi Show -- Sakai Fish Farm wins the grand championship with an offspring of "Dynamite Ochiba" / The 38th Tokai District Koi Show -- Ms. Tomoko Nakamori's "Murata Kohaku" wins the grand championship / The 14th Hokuriku District Koi Show -- Takeo Inamura's "Kachi Sanke" wins the grand championship/ So many men so many ponds -- Making a profound study in his hobbies, while enjoying appraisals of his koi and breeding skills at koi shows / The 6th Ganriki Contest at Marumi Koi Farm -- An all-participating-type event enjoying "transformation" / My Proud Koi / The 5th competition to design water tank ornaments

RINKO597 #597(2014/01/01)
The 44th All Japan Rinyukai Nishikigoi Show -- Dainichi-bred Kohaku, entered by Pan Zhi Cheng, wins / The 49th ZNA International Koi Show -- Yukio Omachi's Dainichi Kohaku wins laurels / Ogata Koi Farm's 2nd Treasured Koi Auction -- Great variety of koi attracts bidders / The 8th Kyurinkai Kyushu District Koi Show -- Takeyuku Mori wins the championship in two consecutive seasons / "Take a look from the side" column

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