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The magazine RINKO, first published in May,1975, is the first Nishikigoi journal in the world. We offer various fields of information concerning Nishikigoi. RINKO is a networking site created for Nishikigoi fanciers. Almost all of the important articles from the Japanese edition of RINKO magazine are covered in digest form.

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Contetns of RINKO 2015

RINKO#644 #644(2015/12/15)
The 62nd Nagaoka City Koi Show -- Nogami Koi Farm's three consecutive victories adds a special touch to the event / / This year's results are also great! -- Enjoy the harvest season at Koshiji Koi Farm of Nagaoka City, Niigata / The 7th Odakan Meiriten Exhibition -- One-day select shop for brand koi / The 2015 Autumn Nishikigoi Fest by Shinkokai Tokai District / Yoshida Shoten opens a new store in Tochigi -- Aiming to be a koi shop in a community / My Proud Koi / The 35th Uonuma City Nishikigoi Show -- Shinji Murata's Kohaku wins! / The 49th JA Echigo Ojiya Nishikigoi Show -- Dainichi Koi Farmbred Kohaku wins

RINKO#643 #643(2015/12/01)
The 55th Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show / Nishikigoi Niigata Direct celebrates their 10th anniversary / Maruchiku Koi Farm -- Emptying of mud ponds begins / Dainichi Auction Fall 2015 / The 1st koi auction for the traders at Okayama MomotaroKoi / Season's first auction for traders and a display with exhibits on sale at Sakai Fish Farm / The 11th Yomogihira Young Koi Show

RINKO#642 #642(2015/11/15)
A Visit to Breeders -- Yoshikazu Otsuka / Enjoying keeping koi in his own way, while considering every possibility as a veteran koi lover -- Mikihiko Ueki / My Proud Koi / A new aquarium Aquaterrace Nishikigaoka opens in Sendai City / The 22nd Nishikigoi Shinyukai Koi / Zennihon Airikai Ehime Toyo the 12th Young Koi Show

RINKO#641 #641(2015/11/01)
The 8th Nagaoka Ojiya Joint Koi Show -- NND Marusho's "Marusho Kohaku" wins glory / The 12th Chiba Prefectural "Ta-agari Koi Show" -- Kohaku entered by Kyowa Suisan gains first prize! / Narita Presents 2015 Thank You Party / BRITISH KOI KEEPERS SOCIETY -- NATIONAL KOI SHOW / Visiting an amateur koi lover -- Long-cherished dreamcomes true / The 5th Tohoku Hokkaido Young Koi Show

RINKO#640 #640(2015/10/15)
Beppu Fish Farm -- A keen eye for koi and conscientious manner nurture koi favorably / Revisiting the Tomonaga's Gallery and Koi Pond / Beauty of Japan -- Naritasan Park -- Nishikigoi merging into a piece of scenery / My Proud Koi / ZNA Kyushu District the 40th Koi Show / The 5th Wakagokai Young Koi Show / The 15th Little Love Koi Show

RINKO#639 #639(2015/10/01)
Japan Pet Design's Premium Koi Food Series Booms -- Feature: That's what we really want to know / One day special event -- Summer Sale provides visitors a feeling of 120% fulfillment / The exquisite elegance of koi-keeping makes his life more fulfilling -- Kensuke Noguchi (Fukuoka Prefecture) / Kyurinkai Fukuoka the 9th Koi Show / The 29th Hong Kong Koi Show / ZNA Yamaguchi the 46th Koi Show

RINKO#638 #638(2015/09/15)
Enthusiasm nurtures koi and a circle of friendship -- Mitsuharu Makino / 12th SAKKS Free State Chapter Koi Show 2015 / My Proud Koi / Kumamoto Nishikigoi Breeders Assoc. the 41st Koi Show / The 16th Ooedo Koi Show / The 12th Spring Nishikigoi Festival

RINKO#637 #637(2015/09/01)
Special feature on the selection of the young koi hatched this year 2015 / DVD of the Series of Nishikigoi.TV / The 3rd International Junior Koi Show -- Best Koi Gallery / The 7th Asia Cup Koi Show / The 8th Kyurinkai Nagasaki Koi Show / An Encounter with Tetsuzan's Watercolor Painting -- A masterpiece from his obscure past

RINKO#636 #636(2015/08/15)
Pursuit of "floating Beni" -- Minuma-bred Goshiki & Ginrin Goshiki fascinate viewers with their beautiful contrast of red and black / The 3rd Koi Kichi Club Young Koi Show -- The grand championship goes to Yamaguchi's 65 bu Kohaku / My Proud Koi / ZNA Tokyo the 37th Koi Show / The 25th Nagano Young Koi Show

RINKO#635 #635(2015/08/01)
Nishikigoi add to the gaieties of the owner's new life after retirement -- Shinichi Goto / A Visit to the Nishikigoi Niigata Direct -- Koi always brings you excitement and thrill! / The 72nd Nihon Kinrinkai Koi Show / Nishikigoi Shuminokai The 10th Koi Show / The "Yumeten" at the 32nd All Japan Young Koi Show the koi to bring a new future

RINKO#634 #634(2015/07/15)
My son and I are a good team -- We share the delights of choosing and viewing koi / The twenty-fifth anniversary of Ojiya City Nishiki-goi-no Sato Hall -- A renewal of the exhibits to inform the public about the Nishikigoi farming in Niigata / From the seminar at the 46th All Japan Koi Show -- LIST OF CARP DISEASE / My Proud Koi / The 23rd Kyushu District Koi Show

RINKO#633 #633(2015/07/01)
The 3rd International Junior Koi Show / Koi keeping -- An everlasting passionate hobby In the hope of measuring up to his ideal / The 5th Tohoku-Hokkaido Young Koi Show -- Hirofumi Suzuki's Taisho Sanshoku wins

RINKO#632 #632(2015/06/15)
Tour of Various Koi Farms -- Steady improvement of the Isa Showa lineage / The 12th Odakan Cup & On-site Sale -- The grand championship goes to Mr. Manu Musitti Manee's Momotaro Showa / The 23rd Kyushu District Koi Show -- Yota Nakamura's "Kondo Kohaku" wins the title / The 2015 Oedo Nishikigoi Festival -- The grand championship goes to Michio Nagano's Hirasawa Kohaku / The 49th Fukui Koi Show / The 10th Kyurinkai Kumamoto Koi Show

RINKO#631 #631(2015/06/01)
The 32nd All Japan Young Koi Show / The 3rd International Junior Koi Show -- Mr. Leosakul wins the grand prize with his Sakai Sanke / Exhibition and Sale of Koi at Shiota Koi Farm -- The flowers of spring are in all their glory in the Tohoku district

RINKO#630 #630(2015/05/15)
So many men so many ponds -- The pursuit of one's hobbies after retirement / We Sell Swimming Jewels at Global Markets! -- A One-year-long Close Coverage of Koi Production / ZNA 40th Kyushu District Koi Show -- The championship goes to Yoshinobu Minagawa / My Proud Koi / The 33rd Nishikigoi Fair / The 11th Kumamoto Higorinkai Koi Show

RINKO#629 #629(2015/05/01)
32nd ALL JAPAN YOUNG KOI SHOW -- Mr. Yeweng Ho wins with his Sekiguchi Showa! / The 3rd Tani Fish FarmAuction and display with the exhibits on sale -- Big-name koi farmers' special koi assemble under cherry trees in full blossom / Zen Nihon Rinyukai sponsors the 15th Little Love Koi Show -- Mr. Hidemoto Yokokawa's 25 Bu Kohaku wins the Grand Championship / Kansai District Koi Show 2014 / The 11th Kyurinkai Oita Koi Show / YUME KOI TEN -- at the 46th All Japan Koi Show

RINKO#628 #628(2015/04/15)
Momotaro-Koi -- The 4th auction for koi dealers / A Joint Sale by Four Fish Farms / Sale for the Koizumi Cup entry & annual New Year's party / Koi enthusiasts on Kyushu united under the flag of Kyurinkai -- Taki Nishikigoi works in cooperation with local koi fanciers / The 15th Hokuriku District Koi Show / My Proud Koi / Koi Goods -- Characteristic koi goods are on sale at "Zazzle" an online mall where many designers get together

RINKO#627 #627(2015/04/01)
The 46th All Japan Koi Show

RINKO#626 #626(2015/03/15)
So many men, so many ponds -- Building an indoor pond house to get together with companions / Local Industry is the Pride of the Villagers -- Koi breeders who love mountain life enjoy talking and talking / My Proud Koi / The 42nd Kanto Koshin District Koi Show / The 61st Nagaoka City Koi Show

RINKO#625 #625(2015/03/01)
The 46th All Japan Koi Show -- Mr.Cheng's Sakai Kohaku wins the closely contested show! / Dainichi OB-kai -- Team of Mr. Nuttawut & Maruyama Koi Farm wins! / The 34th Uonuma City Koi Show / The 5th Zen Nippon Champion Koi Show

RINKO#624 #624(2015/02/15)
The 5th All Japan Nishikigoi Champion Koi Show -- Two koi enthusiasts from Kumamoto Prefecture win! / The 39th Tokai District Koi Show -- Kazuo Yokoi's Nogami Kohaku wins! / The 15th Anniversary of the Opening of Super Dainichi-kai / The 15th Hokuriku District Koi Show -- The grand championship goes to Yasunori Taguchi's 90 Bu Taisho Sanshoku / The 42nd Kanto-Koshin District Koi Show -- Takao Morijiri wins two consecutive championships with Sakai Kohaku / Kansai District Koi Show 2014 -- Mitsuru Kiguchi's Taisho Sanshoku wins a victory / My Proud Koi

RINKO#623 #623(2015/02/01)
The 50th ZNA International Koi Show / Zen Nihon Rinyukai the 45th Koi Show / 7th Asiacup Koi Show

RINKO#622 #622(2015/01/15)
The 45th Nakauonuma -- Tokamachi Koi Show / The 44th Minamiuonuma City -- Shiozawa Koi Show / Ojiya Iwamagi Young Koi Show / The 48th JA Echigo Ojiya Koi Show / The 72nd Nihon Kinrinkai Nishikigoi Show -- Tomoya Okubo's Taisho Sanshoku wins / Nishikigoi Journal -- The Culture of Nishikigoi in USA / The 49th Fukui Nishikigoi Show -- Yasushi Tanaka's Kohaku wins / My Proud Koi / A Visit to Koi Lovers' Ponds -- An Interview with Shuhei Ohira -- A switch from fishing to koi keeping

RINKO#621 #621(2015/01/01)
The 45th Zen Nihon Rinyukai Koi Show -- Kiyoshi Maekawa wins the grand championship! / The 3rd Ogata Auction / Zen Nippon Ainrinkai The 50th International Koi Show -- Mr. Joseph Wong from Hong Kong wins with his Showa Sanshoku, Lion Queen! / 2014 All Japan Koi Show -- The Movie / The 51st Hiroshima Koi Show -- Sakai Fish Farm claims third straight crown! / The 7th Marumi's Ganriki Contest -- Let's enjoy the beauty of Taisho Sanshoku together!

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