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The magazine RINKO, first published in May,1975, is the first Nishikigoi journal in the world. We offer various fields of information concerning Nishikigoi. RINKO is a networking site created for Nishikigoi fanciers. Almost all of the important articles from the Japanese edition of RINKO magazine are covered in digest form.

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Contetns of RINKO 2019

RINKO#717 #717(2019/01/01)
The 49th Zennihon Rinyukai Koi Show -- Murata Kohaku entered by Mr. Zhou Tuan Zhang wins the grand championship! / Dainichi OB-kai, 2018 / ZNA the 54th International Koi Show -- The championship goes to Hans Lips' over 85bu Taisho Sanshoku

RINKO#718 #718(2019/01/15)
The 55th Hiroshima Koi Show -- Sakai Fish Farm wins the championship for seven consecutive seasons! / The 7th Ogata Autumn Auction -- Alive with many bidders from abroad / Matsue Tategoikai -- At Narita Koi Farms Japan -- A total prize money of 3 million yen offered / The 10th Odakan Meiriten Exhibition -- Excellent koi of various colors adorn the memorial exhibit / Nishikigoi Niigata Direct -- Shiro Utsuri bearing pure white skin like the snow in Niigata plays an active part! / The 43rd Tokai District Koi Show -- The grand championship goes to Yoshizumi Furuse's 85bu Kohaku / Kyurinkai the 11th Koi Show -- Takeyuku Mori's over 85bu Taisho Sanshoku wins / The 19th Hokuriku District Koi Show -- Hisayasu Masuyama wins the title with Migita Showa / The 47th Chiba Koi Show -- Chuichi Yamasaki wins with his over 80bu Taisho Sanshoku / My Proud Koi

RINKO#719 #719(2019/02/01)
The 54th ZNA International Koi Show / The 18th China Koi Show -- Yuan Jian Dong wins with his Sakai Kohaku! / The 19th Dainichi-kai Tategoi Sale / Kansai District Koi Show 2018 -- Yasuhiko Asada's Sakai Kohaku wins!

RINKO#720 #720(2019/02/15)
Toyohiro Hayashi's Consultation Room / The 46th Kanto Koshinetsu District Koi Show -- Michio Nagano's over 80 bu Kohaku wins! / The 10th Shikoku District Koi Show -- Keiji Shinohara wins with his Dainichi Kohaku! / My Proud Koi / The 43rd Tokai District Koi Show

RINKO#721 #721(2019/03/01)
The 50th Anniversary All Japan Koi Show -- Mr. Zhou Tuan Zhang achieves his fervent wish! / Omosako and Beppu Tosai Sale -- A joint fair will be held at Tedori Fishland on March 17, 2019 / The 46th Kanto Koshin District Koi Show

RINKO#722 #722(2019/03/15)
Odakan "SQ" Series Koi Food -- Odakan to develop its business into China with three years' marketing performance at home / The 19th Hokuriku District Koi Show / The 11th Kyurinkai Koi Show / Konishi Koi Jewel -- Representation of Nishikigoi with crystal glass / My Proud Koi

RINKO#723 #723(2019/04/01)
The 50th All Japan Koi Show <Part I> / Niigata Auction -- Rich selection of exhibits to meet a wide range of demands

RINKO#724 #724(2019/04/15)
The 50th All Japan Koi Show <Part II> / My Proud Koi / The 10th Memorial Fukuoka Young Koi Show -- The winner is granted the privilege of entering the 50th All Japan Koi Show in support of the Fukuoka branch of the JNPA

RINKO#725 #725(2019/05/01)
The 36th All Japan Young Koi Show -- Shugo Hoshino's 63 bu Kohaku wins! / Tani Fish Farm's 7th Koi Sale & Auction -- One of the biggest events in the area of Kanto is well attended this year, too / The 3rd Chugoku District Nishikigoi Auction -- Most successful auction attracts international attention! / Yume Koi Ten / Kansai District Koi Show 2018 / The 14th Kyurinkai Kumamoto Koi Show

RINKO#726 #726(2019/05/15)
The 27th Kyushu District Koi Show -- Kenichi Ogata of Fukuoka winsthe grand championship with Murou Kohaku / Joji Konishi receives the Director of Agency for Cultural Affairs' Award / Beautiful Japanese Pond with Nishikigoi -- Tsukuji Jisaku / A long-awaited new greenhouse completed -- Eto Fish Farm / The 11th Hiroshima Young Koi Show -- Tadashi Nakanishi's 65 Bu Kohaku wins! / My Proud Koi / The 10th Shikoku District Koi Show / The 12th Kyurinkai Nagasaki Koi Show

RINKO#727 #727(2019/06/01)
The 7th International Junior Koi Show -- Shugo Hoshino's Showa Sanshoku wins! / The 36th All Japan Young Koi Show / Oedo Nishikigoi Festival 2019 -- Yasuhiro Yamauchi's Hirasawa Kohaku wins!

RINKO#728 #728(2019/06/15)
The 2nd Nishikigoi Enthusiasts' Friendship Koi Show -- Noritoshi Seto's 50 bu Showa Sanshoku wins! / The 16th Odakan Cup -- Shugo Hoshino's Maruyama Kohaku wins the championship / The 11th Chiba Young Koi Show -- The championship goes to Hideo Sugaya's 50bu Taisho Sanshoku / Positive investment in pond equipment brings the enjoyment of koi breeding -- Hidetaka Suekane (Osaka) / Ojiya City Nishikigoi-no-Sato celebrates the 30th anniversary -- A memorial event held on May 5 / My Proud Koi / Two cruise ships call at Niigata Port -- Nishikigoi publicized to the international tourists / The 47th Chiba Koi Show

RINKO#729 #729(2019/07/01)
The 7th International Junior Koi Show / Asia Cup Koi Show 2019 -- Over 85 bu Sakai Kohaku wins! / The 9th Tohoku & Hokkaido Young Koi Show -- The grand championship goes to Shiota's 55bu Kohaku / Niigata-born Nishikigoi exhibited at Beijing Gardening Expo -- In the hope of cognitive expansion of Nishikigoi as a Japanese cultural representative

RINKO#730 #730(2019/07/15)
Sale of entries for the 10th Kachi Koi Farm Grow-Out Contest -- Entries all sold out / Oishi Fish Farm's Tosai Grow-Out Contest / My Proud Koi / The 36th All Japan Young Koi Show -- Yume-ten / The 27th Kyushu District Koi Show / The 53rd Fukui Koi Show

RINKO#731 #731(2019/08/01)
15th TNPA All Thailand Koi Show 2019 / A splendid achievement by a domestic koi feed manufacturer -- The feed brand, Hikari, wins the Brand of the Year Award / Great variety of Konishi's koi fascinate the visitors at Uosui -- First display with the exhibits on sale of Konishi koi alone / The 12th Asia Cup Koi Show / Where on earth is a startlingly beautiful koi? -- by Mitsuru Yano

RINKO#732 #732(2019/08/15)
2019 Niigata Koi Show Schedule / The 1st Philippine Koi Show -- Robert Ong Velez' Momotaro Sanke wins! / "Catch up with others" is my motivation -- To have fellows with the same hobby is fun / My Proud Koi / Enchanted by the beauty of yellow-colored koi / The 29th Nagano Young Koi Show / Nishikigoi Shuminokai The 14th Koi Show / The 15th Kyurinkai Oita Koi Show

RINKO#733 #733(2019/09/01)
Tedori Fishland -- Serving as a medium to convey the true charms of Nishikigoi / In pursuit of koi that thrills me -- by Tadao Shimizu of Fukui / The 11th Hiroshima Young Koi Show / Kumamoto Nishikigoi Breeders Assoc. the 45th Koi Show / ZNA Tokyo the 40th Koi Show

RINKO#734 #734(2019/09/15)
Splendid koi in the memory of the people --- The 40th 〜 49th Zen Nihon Rinyukai Koi Shows / Koi and a precious garden pond --- Seeing the growth of the koi is full of fun / My Proud Koi / ZEN Nihon Airikai Shikoku District the 16th Koi Show / Kyurinkai Fukuoka the 13th Koi Show

RINKO#735 #735(2019/10/01)
The 12th Nagaoka & Ojiya Tosai Koi Show -- The championship goes to Masahiro Ishihara's Showa Sanshoku / Grande Koi Farm aims to spread Nishikigoi in Cambodia / Tedori Fishland's Grow-out Contest -- Omosako X Beppu Cup 2019 / One-day Special Sale -- Natsu-Natsu-Okage Summer Sale / The 15th TNPA All Thailand Koi Show

RINKO#736 #736(2019/10/15)
Miyatora's uniqueness supported by its long history / Fascinated with the colors of Nishikigoi -- Shinji Kuriyama / My Proud Koi / The 20th Tokyo (Oedo) Koi Show / The 9th Tohoku Hokkaido Young Koi Show / The 11th Chiba Young Koi Show

RINKO#737 #737(2019/11/01)
The 20th Anniversary ZNA Bandung Chapter All Indonesia Koi Show -- Sakai Kohaku tops the list of 4,476 entries / Malaysian Grow Out Contest -- Beginner and experienced koi lovers can enjoy / Topics -- The 5th Isa vs. Sekiguchi Showa Grow-Out Contest at Tani Fish Farm -- Taking the last helping will bring you luck! / The 7th ZNA TKKG KOI SHOW 2019 -- The largest Thai Nishikigoi enthusiasts group celebrates the annual show / The 10th Kyurinkai Minamikyushu District Young Koi Show

RINKO#738 #738(2019/11/15)
Looking back on ZNA International Koi Shows -- From the 50th to the 54th shows (Zipangu Division) / DIY activity makes my koi life happier -- Shigetada Mitsunushi of Toyama / My Proud Koi / The 16th Spring Nishikigoi Festival / The 26th Nishikigoi Shinyukai Koi Show

RINKO#739 #739(2019/12/01)
The 59th Niigata Prefecture Nishikigoi Show -- Isa Koi Farm-bred over 80 bu Kohaku honored with the winner of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister’s Award / The 15th Yomogihira Young Koi Show -- Marusho Yorien-bred Taisho Sanshoku wins two consecutive seasons! / The 66th Nagaoka City Koi Show -- Donald Kerr’s Nogami Kohaku wins! / The 11th Odakan Meiriten -- This year’s event at Odakan is also success / HARVEST 2019 AUTUMN -- ISA KOI FARM

RINKO#740 #740(2019/12/15)
Dainichi Auction / Momotaro-Koi Auction for dealers / Sakai Auction / The 10th Breeding Contest at Kachi Koi Farm -- The day before the contest sees lots of participants / The 53rd JA Echigo Ojiya Nishikigoi Show -- Torazo Kohaku wins for three consecutive seasons! / The 53rd JA Echigo Ojiya Koi Show / The 25th Niigata Auction / My Proud Koi / 20th Anniversary ZNA Bandung Chapter -- All Indonesia Koi Show / 49th Minamiuonuma City Shiozawa Koi Show

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