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The magazine RINKO, first published in May,1975, is the first Nishikigoi journal in the world. We offer various fields of information concerning Nishikigoi. RINKO is a networking site created for Nishikigoi fanciers. Almost all of the important articles from the Japanese edition of RINKO magazine are covered in digest form.

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The 60th Niigata Nogyosai Koi Show -- Dainichi-bred Kohaku wins the Grand Championship! / The 57th Hiroshima Prefecture Koi Show -- Sakai Fish Farm wins its eighth straight victory! / The 45th Tokai District Koi Show -- Noriaki Yuasa’s Nogami Kohaku wins / The 21st Hokuriku District Koi Show -- The grand championship goes to Takashi Maeda’s 90bu Kohaku


Koi farmer’s and dealer’s reports that herald the advent of the coming of the season / 2020 Part III / ZNA International Photo Koi Show 2020 / The 12th Odakan Meiriten -- Odakan select koi gather from all over Japan / The 13th Marumi Koi Farm "Ganriki Contest" -- Togo Kanayama’s Taisho Sanshoku wins! / Comment on cover page / The 49th Chiba Prefecture Koi Show -- Chuichi Yamasaki’s Nogami Kohaku wins! / The 55th Fukui Prefecture Koi Show -- Naoyoshi Yamaoka’s over 80bu Showa Sanshoku wins


The 48th Kanto Koshin District Koi Show -- Michio Nagano’s over 80bu Taisho Sanshoku wins / Kansai District Koi Show 2020 -- Ichiri wins with its 85bu Showa Sanshoku / The 28th Kyushu District Koi Show -- Takeyuku Mori’s Ueno Sanke wins! / The 12th Shikoku District Koi Show -- Beppu Fish Farm wins grand championship with its home-bred Showa / 1st KODAMA VIRTUAL KOI SHOW -- Instructive & enjoyable online koi show / The 45th Tokai District Koi Show


Dainichi OB-kai 2020 -- Omosako Kujaku becomes the 10th Champion of WDC / Kohaku is the center of attraction -- Okayama Momotaro-koi Farm / The 21st Dainichi-kai Sale -- Many hopeful Tategoi line up at the Narita-Dainichi joint sale / KODAMA KOI FARM -- To be a reliable dealer and associate to breeders / Tani Fish Farm -- Special event to commemorate the opening of new indoor pond house / My Proud Koi / The 21st Hokuriku District Koi Show


The 20th China Koi Show -- Wang Wei’s 105-cm-long Sakai Sanke wins! / Omosako Koi Farm’s Exhibition of Nishikigoi at Uosui / Gyoshin celebrates the 15th anniversary of founding -- Particular about raising Tategoi / The 48th Kanto Koshin District Koi Show


Ueno Koi Farm -- The course of Ueno Showa has followed from "Sun Queen" through "Shinryu" / NISHIKIGOI LIFE -- In memory of Mark Gardner / My Proud Koi / Kansai District Koi Show 2020


All Japan Young Koi Show Digest -- From the 30th to the 36th Shows / TOKYO TOKIWABASHI Project -- Pond for appreciation of Ojiya-bred Nishikigoi scheduled to be completed this summer / The 28th Kyushu District Koi Show


2021 Spring -- Niigata District Web Koi Show / Everything on the track as planned -- Started koi hobby at 88 years old -- Tadao Shibata / My Proud Koi / The 12th Shikoku District Koi Show / The 11th Nagaoka City Kawaguchi Koi Show


37th All Japan Young Koi Show -- Mr. Takahiro Toyama wins with his 63bu male Kohaku! / The Omosako x Beppu Fair 2021 -- A sale of koi for entry, starting from 10,000 yen / Seasonal events regarding Nishikigoi breeding / The 49th Chiba Koi Show


The birth and its future of "Kijiro" -- Researchers take on a challenge of producing a new species / The 16th Zennihon Airikai Ehime Koi Show / The 16th Kyurinkai Kumamoto Koi Show / My Proud Koi


8th International Junior Koi Show -- Pan Zhi Cheng of China achieves his second victory in the show with his 36bu Kohaku / The 37th All Japan Young Koi Show


The 37th All Japan Young Koi Show (Part II) / The 18th ODAKAN Cup -- An Odakan Cup entry koi wins the championship at the International Junior Koi Show / The 12th Chiba Prefecture Young Koi Show -- Taro Beniya wins the grand championship with his 55bu Taisho Sanshoku / Koizumi-brand Showa Tosai Sales -- "Yamazakura's" children from her first birth got together for sale / My Proud Koi


The 8th International Junior Koi Show / Success in crossbreeding between two big titleholders! -- Kanno Koi Farm produces Goshiki in various combinations / Muro Koi Farm -- Aiming for higher goals by mating one-meter-long parent koi / The 37th All Japan Young Koi Show -- Yume Koi Ten


The 8th International Junior Koi Show (Part II) / In pursuit of fashionable koi, of the utmost simplicity -- Keiichiro Mishina (Chiba) / My Proud Koi / The 55th Fukui Koi Show


Enjoying keeping koi at his own pace -- Kazuhiro Hashizume (Gunma Prefecture) / The 10th Tohoku-Hokkaido Young Koi Show -- Hiroshi Watanabe wins with his male Goshiki! / Tokatsu pet shop, Nagareyama -- "Hirenaga Nishikigoi", a new type with elongated fins unveiled / The 8th International Junior Koi Show -- Best Koi Gallery / The 12th Fukuoka Young Koi Show


Raising baby koi allows you to easily enjoy the growth process of Nishikigoi -- Mr. Masao Hadano / rk-koi -- For the establishment of originality / My Proud Koi / Nishikigoi Shuminokai -- The 16th Koi Show / ZNA Yamaguchi The 51st Koi Show


Tokiwabashi Project in front of Tokyo Station -- Pond to appreciate Nishikigoi opens to public / Enjoying the charms of Nishikigoi with a focus on Tategoi -- Toshifumi Obita / Zen Nihon Airikai Ehime District The 18th Young Koi Show


Koi breeding with my speciality and originality -- Kaneko Koi Farm (Niigata) / My Proud Koi / The 12th Chiba Young Koi Show / Kumamoto Nishikigoi Breeders Assoc. The 46th Koi Show


DEALERS TALK / 2021 Niigata Koi Show Schedule / The 10th Tohoku Hokkaido Young Koi Show / Nishikigoi Aikosha The 4th Koi Show


My wish is to convey as many people as possible the charms of koi -- Koji Yamaguchi (Nagasaki) / Memorable Koi -- From the 1st to the 10th Kyurinkai Koi Shows / My Proud Koi / The 27th Nishikigoi Shinyukai Koi Show / The 20th China Koi Show


The coming of koi season! -- Updates from koi farmers and traders 2021 (Part I) / 2021 British Koi Keepers Society National Koi Show / "Herb Garden Pocket"in Choshi City, Chiba / Koi Trucks make a tour of the country / ZNA Yamaguchi Suo the 46th Young Koi Show


The coming of koi season! -- Updates from koi farmers and traders 2021 (Part II) / The Omosako x Beppu Fair 2021 -- The grand championship goes to Shigetada Mitsunushi’s Beppu Sanke / My Proud Koi / Koi on display in the Kiunkaku building, Atami City designated tangible cultural property -- By Ojiya Nishikigoi Fisheries Cooperative / ZNA Yamaguchi Choshu The 38th Young Koi Show / The 51st Minamiuonuma City Shiozawa Koi Show


The 40th Uonuma City Koi Show -- Murata Kohaku wins an eighth successive championship! / The 68th Nagaoka City Koi Show -- Nishikigoi Niigata Direct’s Taisho Sanshoku wins! / The 17th Yomogihira Young Koi Show -- Taisho Sanshoku bred by Marusho Koi Farm breaks the record of consecutive championships / The 55th JA Echigo Ojiya Koi Show -- Kohei Takano wins with his over 70 bu Taisho Sanshoku / The 12th Keeping Contest -- The Ganriki --


The coming of koi season! -- Updates from koi farmers and traders (2021 Part III) / The 58th Hiroshima Koi Show -- Nishikigoi Senmonten Shotoku wins the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister’s Prize with its over 80 bu Kohaku! / My Proud Koi / "Ganriki-oh" Contest at Kurihara Fish Farm -- Akiyoshi Chiku placed first

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